Bikini $150



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C1 4in+$0C1 4in+$0
C10 4.5in+$25C10 4.5in+$25
C2 6in+$25C2 6in+$25
C3 4in+$25C3 4in+$25
C4 6in+$25C4 6in+$25
C5 4in+$25C5 4in+$25
C6 4in+$25C6 4in+$25
C7 5in+$25C7 5in+$25
C8 4in+$25C8 4in+$25
C9 4in+$25C9 4in+$25
C11 6.5in+$0C11 6.5in+$0
C12 6.5in+$35C12 6.5in+$35
C13 6.5in+$35C13 6.5in+$35
C14 6in+$35C14 6in+$35
C15 6.5in+$35C15 6.5in+$35
C16 6.5in+$35C16 6.5in+$35
C17 6.5in+$35C17 6.5in+$35
C18 6.5in+$35C18 6.5in+$35
C19 6.5in+$35C19 6.5in+$35
C20 6.5in+$35C20 6.5in+$35
black fuchsiablack fuchsia
black green mix abblack green mix ab
black redblack red
black red abblack red ab
burgundy valsburgundy vals
classic blackclassic black
classic green abclassic green ab
classic green ombreclassic green ombre
classic green Valsclassic green Vals
classic redclassic red
eggplant purple ombreeggplant purple ombre
ocean blue valsocean blue vals
purple ombrepurple ombre
purple valspurple vals
red abred ab
red mix abred mix ab
royal blueroyal blue
royal blue abroyal blue ab
royal blue blackroyal blue black
royal blue ombreroyal blue ombre
turquoise abturquoise ab
turquoise valsturquoise vals

$150 price option is fulled stoned suit with 5-6mm space between stones. This suits are not pre made. We will customize it for your measurement. Turn around time is 4-5 weeks.  Proceed to checkout to fill out measurements part. No payment is required until you suit is ready to ship. 

Additional information

Top connectors

C1 4in+$0, C10 4.5in+$25, C2 6in+$25, C3 4in+$25, C4 6in+$25, C5 4in+$25, C6 4in+$25, C7 5in+$25, C8 4in+$25, C9 4in+$25

Bottom connectors

C11 6.5in+$0, C12 6.5in+$35, C13 6.5in+$35, C14 6in+$35, C15 6.5in+$35, C16 6.5in+$35, C17 6.5in+$35, C18 6.5in+$35, C19 6.5in+$35, C20 6.5in+$35


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