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about us

Our mission is to create a beautiful, quality and affordable suits for Bikini, Fitness, Figure and Women’s Physiques divisions. We work with athletes from all over the world but we based in US. We've seen a lot of change in Bodybuilding competition world in the last decade but one thing always stays the same. When it comes to competition suit, every detail counts under stage lightening. And we want our customers to feel good and confident on stage. The main goal to us is to build a strong bond with the customer. Because our beautiful customers are the reason and inspiration for everything we do. Our products and customer service focus exceeding our clients expectations. Our goal has always been to create perfect, unique and quality suit for competitor at a reasonable price. We stand by our brand and suits like Vals cannot be found anywhere else. We would like create a connection with our customers and we know that achieving that connection is no easy task. We promise stay true to our core values and continually create products customers are proud to associate with. Life is about moments, we want you to have your amazing moment on stage, during photoshoot, backstage laughing and crying with friends and family. Let’s us create for you amazing suit because you deserve to look the best.