Custom Bikini/Wellness


Once you proceed to “check out” you will be able to attach photos and make notes. Visit  “Gallery” for design ideas.
$199 is a reduced stoning option. $250 is fully stoned.
This is the only order form. No payment is required until your suit is ready to ship.
F1 light pinkF1 light pink
F1 metallic blackF1 metallic black
F10 lavenderF10 lavender
F11 emerald blueF11 emerald blue
F12 FuchsiaF12 Fuchsia
F13 fuchsia blackF13 fuchsia black
F13 metallic mintF13 metallic mint
F14 classic pinkF14 classic pink
F14 white silverF14 white silver
F15 eggplant purpleF15 eggplant purple
F16 metallic purpleF16 metallic purple
F16 yellowF16 yellow
F17 orangeF17 orange
F18 GoldenF18 Golden
F19 burgundyF19 burgundy
F19 metallic goldenF19 metallic golden
F2 metallic yellowF2 metallic yellow
F20 Black redF20 Black red
F20 silver blackF20 silver black
F21 emeraldF21 emerald
F22 green blackF22 green black
F22 lavenderF22 lavender
F23 green hologramF23 green hologram
F23 green hologram blackF23 green hologram black
F24 green blackF24 green black
F24 MintF24 Mint
F25 green metallicF25 green metallic
F25 lemon mintF25 lemon mint
F26 purple blueF26 purple blue
F26 turquoiseF26 turquoise
F27 black royal blueF27 black royal blue
F27 ocean blueF27 ocean blue
F28 ocean blue hologramF28 ocean blue hologram
F29 royal blueF29 royal blue
F32 royal blackF32 royal black
F36 red burgundyF36 red burgundy
F38 red blackF38 red black
F4 Silver WhiteF4 Silver White
F40 pinkF40 pink
F41 fuchsiaF41 fuchsia
F42 fuchsia metallicF42 fuchsia metallic
F43 pink redF43 pink red
F44 purple eggplant hologramF44 purple eggplant hologram
F48 Fuchsia blackF48 Fuchsia black
F5 silver blackF5 silver black
F50 metalic blackF50 metalic black
F52 digital blackF52 digital black
F6 metallic goldenF6 metallic golden
F7 metallic orangeF7 metallic orange
F9 camoF9 camo
F17 red hologramF17 red hologram
F3 golden hologramF3 golden hologram
F8 turquoiseF8 turquoise
F29 ocean blueF29 ocean blue
F28 royal blueF28 royal blue
C1 4in+$0C1 4in+$0
C10 4.5in+$25C10 4.5in+$25
C2 6in+$25C2 6in+$25
C3 4in+$25C3 4in+$25
C4 6in+$25C4 6in+$25
C5 4in+$25C5 4in+$25
C6 4in+$25C6 4in+$25
C7 5in+$25C7 5in+$25
C8 4in+$25C8 4in+$25
C9 4in+$25C9 4in+$25
C11 6.5in+$0C11 6.5in+$0
C12 6.5in+$35C12 6.5in+$35
C13 6.5in+$35C13 6.5in+$35
C14 6in+$35C14 6in+$35
C15 6.5in+$35C15 6.5in+$35
C16 6.5in+$35C16 6.5in+$35
C17 6.5in+$35C17 6.5in+$35
C18 6.5in+$35C18 6.5in+$35
C19 6.5in+$35C19 6.5in+$35
C20 6.5in+$35C20 6.5in+$35

Additional information


$199, $250, $275, $350, $175


F1 light pink, F1 metallic black, F10 lavender, F11 emerald blue, F12 Fuchsia, F13 fuchsia black, F13 metallic mint, F14 classic pink, F14 white silver, F15 eggplant purple, F16 metallic purple, F16 yellow, F17 orange, F18 Golden, F19 burgundy, F19 metallic golden, F2 metallic yellow, F20 Black red, F20 silver black, F21 emerald, F22 green black, F22 lavender, F23 green hologram, F23 green hologram black, F24 green black, F24 Mint, F25 green metallic, F25 lemon mint, F26 purple blue, F26 turquoise, F27 black royal blue, F27 ocean blue, F28 ocean blue hologram, F29 royal blue, F32 royal black, F36 red burgundy, F38 red black, F4 Silver White, F40 pink, F41 fuchsia, F42 fuchsia metallic, F43 pink red, F44 purple eggplant hologram, F48 Fuchsia black, F5 silver black, F50 metalic black, F52 digital black, F6 metallic golden, F7 metallic orange, F9 camo, F17 red hologram, F3 golden hologram, F8 turquoise, F29 ocean blue, F28 royal blue

Top connectors

C1 4in+$0, C10 4.5in+$25, C2 6in+$25, C3 4in+$25, C4 6in+$25, C5 4in+$25, C6 4in+$25, C7 5in+$25, C8 4in+$25, C9 4in+$25

Bottom connectors

C11 6.5in+$0, C12 6.5in+$35, C13 6.5in+$35, C14 6in+$35, C15 6.5in+$35, C16 6.5in+$35, C17 6.5in+$35, C18 6.5in+$35, C19 6.5in+$35, C20 6.5in+$35